The Haven House

The Haven House provides an after school development program for 50+ at-risk children, ages 5 to 13, in the greater Pittsburgh area. The goal is to provide these children with a safe environment that promotes acceptance, self-esteem, and love. Our mission is to help provide academic support and mentorship programs in place where they can learn positive life skills and a receive wholesome meal. We put a heavy emphasis on nurturing the children's social and emotional intelligence, instilling self-discipline, in addition to helping maintain their basic needs. Not only does this create a positive sense of community, but it also makes large impact in the lives of these families.

During the crucial hours of 3:00PM - 6:30PM, the doors are open and children first are helped with homework assignments. Time is then allowed for activities or clubs and group mentoring sessions where we deal with issues and build skills in conflict resolution, effective communication, goal setting, peer interaction, and team building. Each child gets a healthy meal or snack every day they participate. Monthly field trips are served as an incentive for regular participation. For family engagement, time is dedicated on Wednesdays for family style dinners that serve both parents and youth. This time allows for family bonding, pro-social activities, and increased family engagement in a child's academic life.

The Haven House aims to prepare the youth to be self-disciplined individuals that can positively contribute to their communities. As a result, we see improved test scores and grades, healthy involvement with other children, and positive interactions within their families.

How we help

Many of our team members volunteer weekly, spending time with the children in the program. Our goal is to create positive dialogue with kids who come from troubling environments, and act as positive influences that they may not see in their dally lives. We’ve also donated funds to the program to upgrade their resources such as a new tv, Xbox games, structure repairs, Christmas gifts, educational supplies and more. The Mehta Marketing Inc executive team is currently working with the Haven House board on strategies to help establish them as their own independent non-profit organization.

Special thanks to one of our future partners and top team leads at mehta marketing, inc, Frederick White, for introducing us to such an amazing organization.


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