Our People

The best investment that we can make is in our people. By putting our team first, our clients are the true beneficiaries. Below are just a few of the ways that we do so at Mehta Marketing Inc.


Work - Life Balance

As much as we strive to exceed our clients’ goals and expectations, we also work to create an environment that supports our employees personal goals. 1:1 mentoring, flexible work schedules, and supportive leadership are important in ensuring that their overall well-being is cared for.


Personal Development

All employees are provided individualized training along with personal mentors to ensure that we are adapting to their unique learning styles and they are set up to succeed. We also provide opportunities to attend professional development and life coaching events conducted by credited coaches such as Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, David Bayer and more.



Affording our people the chance to travel provides them with exposure and experiences that undoubtedly help them grow as individuals. Local and national business conferences, leadership development workshops, along with recreational trips are common throughout the year.



In our opinion, you can never have enough positive influences in your life. This is why we encourage, and provide, professional networking opportunities with successful business leaders from varying industries to our people. Connecting with and learning from these individuals gives our team another edge in their professional careers.

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A common goal amongst our team is to make a difference within our community. mehta marketing inc employees donate their time on a regular basis to local charity organizations. our greatest involvement is with an organization that was founded by one of our top team leads, and future partners.

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