Our Strategic Advantage



our Clients

Clients see a drastic increase in new customer acquisitions, revenue, market penetration, and overall brand recognition when they work with Mehta Marketing Inc. We partner with some of the largest companies in the world. They choose our firm because we specialize in the services that will help them increase their revenue and lower expenses.


our Employees

As our clients look to expand their markets, they turn to the internally trained employees at Mehta Marketing Inc to help them do so. This results in career advancement for our people. In the last 3 years we’ve helped our clients develop 24 new markets nationwide that our team now runs.


our Economy

Our strategies, not only benefit our clients and employees, but also our local economy. We are able to keep money and jobs where it’s valued the most, at home.

Our vision is to help our clients expand globally while fueling our local economy.


How We Do It…

Our personal and strategic approach help our clients gain new customers and strengthen customer relations. On the back end, we provide consultative feedback to help them grow into new markets.


Why It Works…

What we do cannot be outsourced, it is free of globalization and is fueled by technological advancements which keeps jobs and revenue local.

Our Results

Mehta Marketing Inc is in the business of wowing clients. We have a proven record of success when it comes to starting programs from scratch and growing them into successful operations nationwide. By having a reputation of integrity, quality, and professionalism our clients are proud to call us a preferred partner.

Due to non-disclosure agreements with our clients, please contact us directly to learn more about our current partnerships.


Market Expansion

Growing a new client program from 0 to 24 market locations in 3 years.

Client Growth

Effectively trained over 300 active sales and marketing representatives over 3 years.

Awards & Recognition



Recognized nationally for acquiring over 20,000 customers/month for clients.



Generated $27 million dollars in revenue over 3 years in 24 new markets.



Our consistent results and growth earned a national award from our client partners.


Other Recognition & Nominations

  • Our CEO was nominated for Pittsburgh’s 30 under 30

  • Work Place Wellness for creating a culture that supports the overall wellbeing of employees

  • Best of Pittsburgh in marketing firms

  • Best Places to Work 2019


Now you that know what we do, learn why we do it below.